The first vegan muay thai fight in Czech history won by vegan :)

Another round of Muay Thai league WFCA was held this Sunday in Ceske Budejovice. Visitors had the chance to see, besides great fights of male and female muay thai fighters, one draw in MMA of our veg colleague Kuba (Reinders Team, Hanuman Praha), also a quaint fight, which showed the increasing popularity of meat free diet among fighters fight of two vegans. 
One of them was our colleague from VF Venca (Reinders Team, Hanuman Praha), who leads the Muay Thai league in the present and long time vegan Honza Tomeček from KBC Tábor. After even and physically demanding match, where both vegans exchanged hard combinations, the match ended 2:1 for Venca on points. 
We thank to both fighters not only for fantastic fight, but mainly for promoting veganism in this first Czech fight of two vegans in the ring.
We congratulate all veg fighters and we are looking forward to next successes! VF
You can watch the first vegan fight in history here.
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