Review of the book FINDING ULTRA: a book written by triathlon athlete and vegan. A book about uprising and never-ending hope

Millions of people around the world might have been in similar situation: just before their 40th birthday, sitting at home in front of the TV after a long day in the office (Rich Roll is successful lawyer who graduated at Stanford). Watching TV being interrupted only by casual eating of various foods set around: hamburgers from McDonald's and other typical American meals. Then they lift their over weighted bodies and shove into the bedroom after their wives. But for Rich Roll this was harder, because he had to go upstairs and in the middle of the stairs he felt sudden stitching in the chest and cold sweat ran all over him. "I felt freeze in my back and it went down through my spine as panic was taking over me. A drop of sweat felt on dark wooden floor. I fixed myself on it, as if it had been the only thing that could have saved me from collapsing. In this small, crystal ball, I saw my sad future I wouldn't be able to see the wedding of my daughter. When I finally made it to the sink, I saw my reflection in the mirror. That long time held image of young, handsome swimming champion, which I had once been, was gone. At that time my whole denying fell into pieces and I saw the naked truth. I was fat, out of breath and very unhealthy man on the edge of middle age."

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