If you are buying meat, milk, products tested on animals, or leather products, you become responsible for each and every animal that lived on factory farms or in a lab. You are responsible for their pain and death.Maybe you do not care or you do not feel any compassion towards animals, that is your choice. You have the right to choose to not care.

Maybe your justification is that it is a normal behavior and that almost everybody does it. Or you think that you cannot live without meat or milk. But maybe you have not had a chance to see the world through more compassionate eyes. Maybe you are waiting to awake your inner empathy and compassion towards other living beings that can feel pain just like humans do. There is another way though, you can be stronger and live happily and peacefully without animal suffering.

Welcome to the new Vegan Fighter Project that is dedicated to all veg*ns loving martial arts!


Rescued pig - Sidik :)

A new photo of Sidik, the unusual animal :) living in Czech Vegan Society partnerhip shelter Tibet from summer just arrived from Betka and Jirka, owners of the shelter. We would like to share it with …

Vegan fitness trainer Jimi Sitko

In the Article section, you can see the new gallery of well known fitness trainer and long time vegan Jimi Sitko. .   . .

Vegan diet plan of MMA fighter Jack Shields

The example of a diet plan of successful MMA fighter Jack Shields that moved recently to veganism, can be found on the link below .  

Armenian Viking on veganism

On the link below, the article about Patrick Baboumian can be found. Patrick is former pro-body builder, strongman and also the strongest man of Germany – moreover, he moved to veganism now :) .  . …

Arch Enemy´s T-shirt collection for animals

After the Arch Enemy´s singer  Angela Gossow moved from vegetarianism to veganism, the band started with even more intensive animal protection promoting – now newly with the Liberate the innocent …

A brand new highlight of vegan Ronda Rousey

New video of undefeated vegan MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, taken from both training sessions and fights can be found below. . .  .

Funny video with reactions of meat eaters :)

Interesting and funny video with the real reactions of people that are confronted with „torturing“ of animals uncovers the hypocrisy of people eating meat, enjoy it :). http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oUoCZOOxgv8 . …

New PETA´s video

A new PETA´s video on veganism can be found here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Pn51gaBe6XE .  . .  .

Marcus Patrick and his gallery

In the Article section, a gallery of the model and long year vegan Marcus Patric can be newly found. Interesting is, that besides his other activities, Marcus also works as a model for a feministic soft …

Vegan Fighter wishes you a Merry Vegan Christmas!

Vegan Fighter wishes you a Merry Vegan Christmas! :) . .  . ...and here is an interesting, last-minute inspiratiton made by Black Metal Chef for those who still don´t know what to prepare for the …

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