If you are buying meat, milk, products tested on animals, or leather products, you become responsible for each and every animal that lived on factory farms or in a lab. You are responsible for their pain and death.Maybe you do not care or you do not feel any compassion towards animals, that is your choice. You have the right to choose to not care.

Maybe your justification is that it is a normal behavior and that almost everybody does it. Or you think that you cannot live without meat or milk. But maybe you have not had a chance to see the world through more compassionate eyes. Maybe you are waiting to awake your inner empathy and compassion towards other living beings that can feel pain just like humans do. There is another way though, you can be stronger and live happily and peacefully without animal suffering.

Welcome to the new Vegan Fighter Project that is dedicated to all veg*ns loving martial arts!


Translation of an interwiev with a professional inseminator

Interview with Zdenek Volf, professional inseminator can be found in the "From the other side" section now - so don´t miss it. In this new section we plan to present people thinking much differently …

Raw Vegan Warrior

Storm Talifer has been a vegan for more than 40 years. He also practises various kind of sports – jogging, yoga, swimming. In the link below or at www.rawveganwarrior.com, you can see photos of him …

Wolf pack is about to settle in Czech

After almost hundred years, a wolf pack is about to settle in Czech again. Despite being protected by the law and labeled as criticaly endagered for many years, there have been no wolves in the Czech Republic, …

Excellent video of Gary Yourofsky

Great video of Gary Yourofsky that you can´t miss :)!.  . .

Aaron Simpson in UFC fight soon on FuelTV

UFC fight of Aaron Simpson against Ronny Markes is planned on 15th February in Ohama (US) – don´t miss it! :).  .

PETA´s success in the ban of transports of primates by Air France

Congratulations and thanks to PETA for their successful action against the transports of primates by Air France – for more info go here .. .  .

Body building and veganism in the older age

Interesting interview with Robbie Hazeley can be found here. Robbie is a great bodybuilder and even in his age over 50 is still taking part and wins in body builders competitions. .  . .  . …

New photos of vegan fighter Mac Danzig

American UFC vegan fighter Mac Danzig is not just one of the best MMA fighters of the last years, but also a very good photographer. Most often, he takes pictures of nature and animals and you can see …

Very interesting video from vegan farm

Portrait of Jan Gerdes, an owner of the ecology farm where animals are not bread for meat nor their other products can be found in the PETA´s video below.  . .  .

Gallery of Channa Serenity

In the article section, gallery of Channa Serenity, long time vegan, fitness competitior and personal trainer  has been added. Channa supports veganism and promotes also vegan food – and she is also …

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