Why we don´t offer Vegetarian Fighter t-shirts

 You have recently asked why don´t we offer Vegetarian Fighter t-shirts, and why are our activities aimed only towards veganism. We have decided to answer in a broad way and show our opinions towards veganism.

The Vegan Fighter project has been found as an activity leading towards promotion of alternative diets and lifestyle, focused on health advantages of plant based diet, overall stamina, minimalization of human influence on environment, but mainly with the concern for the ending of animal suffering. 

And the subject of animal suffering is the main reason that the name and the aim of the whole project has always been and always will be “vegan”. Because only this lifestyle in practice can fulfill our dream – that animals will not have to live lives full of pain and suffering for human consumption. 

We inform about ethological reasons, such as the problematic of milk consumption, on our web for example in “Veganism ” and “What you do not want to see ” sections.

We could end this article at this point…

…but this presumption contents another, for us very important part.

Even if the project includes the word “vegan” in it´s name, it doesn´t mean that it is not opened for vegetarians. The opposite is true. We don´t see plant based diet and vegan lifestyle as dogma, but more as the end of continuum, which has the conventional lifestyle on the opposite end  – and somewhere between these two poles everyone of us takes his or her place. 

And it´s up to each of us where we want to stand. From our point view, which is aimed at helping animals, is every single step welcomed and because we are aware how the way which differs from the mainstream, may be difficult, we honor every vegetarian, or people who are coming close to it and we will always support it. 

But simultaneously veganism is the last step on this imaginary ladder, ideal state, which is the only one which can fulfill the fact that animals will live without suffering and towards which we will try to inspire you in the maximum.

Of course we will inspire towards other views on the world around. Some views are connected with veganism for example lowering of negative influence on nature, because we like nature as well , we also support healthy straight edge lifestyle without any drugs or support the balance of physical abilities, beauty of the body as well as spiritual growth and spiritual beauty. We also support other views which are not directly connected with veganism such as gender or other equalities. And also we want to inspire you to have your own opinion based on maximum information from different points of views.

We said in the beginning that this would be broad answer to all your questions and that we would explain why our activities are aimed towards veganism. We hope that we have answered fully and that you already know why we welcome the fact that the Vegan Fighter t-shirts are also worn by vegetarians who support the Vegan Fighter.


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