Vegetarian thai boxer has won again

Tournament of thai box was held on Saturday in Mušovské lakes area during the traditional Eurobikefest. Vegetarian and undefeated thai boxer Lucie Mlejnková returned into the ring on this tournament after several months of break and shoulder recovery. Her opponent was fighter from Slovakia Silvie Pálešová (21 fights and 17 wins). High level fight was expected. This was confirmed when the fight began in high tempo and both opponents gave their maximum. But Lucka´s bigger strength began to show gradually and Silvie was counted in the second round for the first time. But she showed big fighting spirit and continued in the fight. The whole situation repeated in the third round and the referee made a break in the fight after Lucka´s series of hard hits in the corner and he began to count Silvie again. However she wanted to finish the fight by all means and she continued, so the fight went through and Lucka won unambiguously on points. She has won for the thirteenth time and she has remained undefeated. 

More info about Lucka and about few other people from the Czech Republic who are involved in the Vegan Fighter project will be published in broad article this Saturday in Právo magazine and on 



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