Vegetarian kick-boxer is the World champion

Kick-boxer and vegetarian Lucie Mlejnková  achieved great success in Sao Paolo, Brazil last weekend. She won against defending champion, Russian Tatiana Ovchinnikova in the semi-finals and then she defeated Croatian fighter in the finals in the Worldís championships of the WAKO organization. 
"I am happy that what was a utopia three years ago during my first practice is now here," said Lucie, who has won several Czech titles (in kick-boxing, K1, thai-boxing and boxing) and two European titles during her short career.
And here are Lucie's reasons why she has left meat out of her diet few years ago: 
"I had the possibility, or maybe an obligation to see animals just seconds before their death (Lucie experienced few visits into large scale breeds and slaughterhouses during her high school studies), execution, slaughter ñ call it what you want. I do not know what these animals thought about, if they acted instinctively, but everyone could feel the horror and fear and the wondering why from their eyes. I would recommend all people to spend few minutes in slaughterhouses, in areas where the meat is processed, this is, according to me, unbelievable inspiration. Videos which are shown on the internet are edited and adjusted to the needs ñ and most people see it like this. Pure reality is needed, without editing, without music and if it were only possible to transfer the feeling as well. I think most people do not see a calf, a chicken, a sheep or a pig on the shelf in the shop, they only see a piece of red matter, which is processed and people like it. It does not matter what animal it is ñ it is just as incomprehensible for us to eat dogs as it is for Indian people to eat cows."

We send congratulations to Lucie and we wish good luck in further matches. 

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