Vegan Fighter – there are 3000 of us already

As we have just reached 3000 fans of our project on Facebook, we would like to thank you for your support and for all the reactions we receive from you. When we started the web a year ago, we did not expect that the response would be such great – after all the lifestyle which is as maximally respectful to animals and nature, but which demands sometimes voluntary limitations in the diet, is still followed by many prejudices and false images from which many negative attitudes may come. We are happy that especially the myth about vegans being weak and sick has been successfully broken by us. Even if we can think whatever we like about the professional sport, one aspect is undeniable that it most effectively shows physical abilities of people. And performances of vegan athletes prove convincingly that vegan diet is not just full-valued, when the diet is set right we can reach maximum of our physical abilities.


But of course it’s not just about the professional athletes, but about amateur disciplines and people who do sport just for fun – even in these cases there are lot of examples of extremely physically able people who eat with as much respect as possible towards animals.

If we had to cover the most important moments of the few months of the existence of the web -  from the beginning it has been the fight with the myth that there are not enough proteins in plant diet and that it is not possible to have quality muscles and be in top condition. It is really strange how many conventionally eating people are able to argue about this topic when all they have to do is just look briefly in whichever nutrition chart, or find pictures of vegan bodybuilders on the web which show the absurdity of this statement.

Maybe that is why the article about plant sources of proteins has been the most read article on our web. Gradually we have supported this information by various diet lists and other tips on how to have the vegan diet prepared as well as possible.


Of course we have came across the limitations of the Czech market, which is sometimes less evolved in this area, but even so, the situation has been getting better and better. We have been trying to contribute as well when we have, upon your requests, started Vegan Fighter e-shop at the beginning of the year. We offer vegan supplements in our shops. Also here we would like to thank you for the interest, because the yield of the e-shop, of which we will further try to complement the offer, is spent on further promotion of the lifestyle which is compassionate towards animals. Thank you for your patience if we have not been always fast enough.

We are also very glad that we were able to prepare for you the first Vegan Fighter t-shirts and badges, which you, following your response, have liked very much, as much as we like them, :). These items have also brought interesting debate about why the Vegan Fighter project does not and will not offer Vegetarian Fighter t-shirts . Thus the fact that we view veganism as the ideal state at the end of the journey of each of us and that vegetarianism is brilliant point on this journey – in relation to excise the animal suffering, not the last point.


The activities with which you will come across on our pages henceforth are sometimes provocative or shocking Viewpoints from the other side . Articles, or interviews about this topic are not that frequent, the preparation and realization of these articles is more demanding, however we consider these articles as very important, we like to give the space to people with different opinion and we consider the debates with them important for the viewing of the setting of the approach towards animals across the society. You can really look forward to some interesting material in this area soon.


Among other breakthrough points of the web is our reaction  on  the article from Pro Chlapa server. This article was about vegetarians being weak. Even if we majorly do not express ourselves to similar things, we made an exception that time and the reactions which came exceeded our expectations and a lot of people were amused about it. We challenged the author of the article, Mr. Dalibor Žák, to prove his self-confident and radical statements (with the chance of earning 100.000 CZK) to let us convince ourselves personally about his statements. His offended reaction (“I was just joking!”) is still the source of fun for us.


Further, more convenience outcome from classic media was broad article  about the Vegan Fighter project in the Právo Magazine and on the Novinky pages , called “Proud vegans as successful athletes”, which showed veganism in different light than it is usually shown in media, and we are glad for that.


We are also glad that you have liked our campaigns  which we have started. There were debates under some of our visuals on our Facebook. It is interesting that some people who eat meat accuse vegans that they enforce something all the time, but they alone visit veg pages gladly and try to convince us about how our lifestyle is wrong and what problems we can have in the future. We thank you that you try to present arguments to their curious, sometimes captious and angry comments.


We would like to present two other areas at the end. These areas are in our opinion important: the first is the recording of videos, on which we would like to focus more in the future. So far, we have after us the production of three videos, what is not much, but we prefer maximum professional approach and we want that our videos are as high in quality as possible in the technical and production field. We would like to present our own recipes in the future, especially food suitable for vegan athletic diet – the first one is already being prepared, so follow us.






The second area are the particular events. So far you could have seen us in larger group on the hardcore Fluff fest , where we had our stand and we prepared MMA and Muay thai exhibition. We were pleased by your reactions as well as the invitations on other events and we thank for these. We will meet on some events in the future. We select the events also considering the outcome and outreach of such events so the outcome will be of the highest quality – e.g. graphics, the best possible organization and we cannot identify in hundred percent with everything what is going on in this area here.


Of course we will always support most activities which try to improve the situation of animals, but we want to engage directly only in such events where the outcome and the whole concept is as big as possible.  




Hosting of concerts is also connected with this topic. We, as some of you too, like these events. We have participated in Brno and Prague concerts of the band Saturnus, which was really matter of heart to us. We would like to continue in these activities as well, so follow us.



And we would like to continue in all we have done till now – in positive publicity of alternative lifestyle based on plant diet, presenting examples that adaptation of this lifestyle can bring not only physical ability, beauty of the body, but beauty of spirit as well. That this lifestyle is compassionate to creatures, who cannot defend themselves against cruel treating from our society.


And we would like to continue to support not only species equality but also others – from gender to race equality, because we view these topics as very important.


We would like to thank you again for all reactions and support, and of course for the ideas for improvement and also for the fact that you discuss and share your opinions with us and others and we will try to continue in the path of Strength in compassion – the only way which can help those who cannot speak for themselves .





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