Undefeated vegetarian back in the ring

Tournament of thai box will be held on Saturday May 19th in Mušovské lakes area, during the traditional Eurobikefest. Vegetarian Lucie Mlejnková will appear after several months of break on this tournament. Lucie went through complicated surgery of shoulder ligament and had to go through several months of recovery after her last fight at the end of the year in Vienna where she beat Turkish professional champion Sultan Baran. Now she is back in full training and after nearly half year break she will return on this event into the ring. Her opponent will be experienced Slovakian fighter Silva Palesová.

Lucie holds two European titles (in thai box and kickbox) and two Czech (thai box and K1) and she has not lost in the ring yet. 

If you want to see the atmosphere of last year´s Eurobike fest, where Lucka fought, you can see her in this video:




Lucie´s promo video is here: 



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