Translation of an interwiev with a professional inseminator

Interview with Zdenek Volf, professional inseminator can be found in the "From the other side" section now - so don´t miss it. In this new section we plan to present people thinking much differently from us, people who do not see animals the way we in Vegan Fighter do. 

It is a paradox that Zdeněk Volf succeeded to describe the whole concept of Vegan Fighter in one answer: and that is when he writes: “a person indentified with pure veganism should not forget to ask himself, whether, throughout his life, it has come to so called marriage with a Shadow, acceptance of his or her dark sides and repression of sides.  If he, or she does not with his outer attitude does not displace everything biological, what bleeds, sweats or smells as animal.” Exactly these answers are given to us by martial arts and our attitude towards the world whatsoever. We search our marriage to the Shadow among others in fair, equal fight with opponents who stand against us in the ring or cage. We do not search the marriage with Shadows in killing and torturing defenseless animals.

If anything, in our opinion, takes away natural instincts from people, it is the power, which they have thanks to the technological advantage over other living beings and which people use against them. And people displace and do not want to see everything that comes along with it. Meat is, how Zděnek Volf writes, only nice, sterile package in the supermarket. And it is as far as it can be from living creature who had been suffering for a long time and died because of this package. 

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