The other side of the fish consumption

What would happen if all the fish disappeared from the seas? The article from Ondřej Vrtíšek begins with this unpleasant question. The article can be found on the web of Hospodářské noviny under the name of: ”The population of dredged fish is permanently decreasing and most of it has gone through collapse. The fishermen have been the victims of their own success, but they are not the only ones who this is worse for. “Studies show that the whole consumption of seafood and fish has risen worldwide to 20kg per person. This number has tripled since 1950. People who live in countries without sea have large share on this. They had not eaten fish before, but it has been a part of their diet for some time. Such people do not rethink the consequences of this enormous consumption. While the fishermen dredged 19 millions tons of fish 60 years ago, in 2010 it was,   the breeding in aquacultures included,148 million tons. The aquacultures bring more problems such as strong pollution of waters and the need to give antibiotics to the fish pressed in small areas. The studies, which the author presents, show that almost one third of the dredged fish has collapsed – this means that their population has lowered to 1 tenth of the original number. 

Authors of the cited study, led by biologist Boris Wormer, have predicted that if our approach did not change, by the 2048 all the population of fish would collapse.  “Fishing techniques use sonar, deep nets and processing of the draught directly on sea, allow dredging the sea to the last scale,” states the author further. “If we add global warming and acidification of the oceans, some areas full of life have changed into dead zones.” 

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