The article about the real price of meat

An interesting article "The real price of meat" from sociologist Tereza Vandrovcová from was recently published on the web of Hospodářské noviny (Czech business related newspaper). The article provides complex view on the environmental influence of the "production" of meat and on some less known facts connected with it. "From 11 kg of protein, which a calf eats, a human gets only about half of kg of animal protein," this is one of the information presented in the article: "Two acres can feed around 50 vegans, 14 vegetarians, but only one omnivore"
Tereza Vandrovcová also reminds that the world's meat production has increased to 300 millions of tons a year since 1971. 300 million tons equals to about 60 billion animals. This enormous growth causes, based on some sources, for example the China study from 2006, a remarkable growth of the diseases of civilization. According to the World health organization more people died because of obesity than because of malnutrition last year (even so around 850 million people suffer from malnutrition) and if this trend of meat consumption does not change, the malnutrition problem connected with the growth of population and decrease of available agricultural areas will only escalate. 
The whole article (in Czech) with links for the studies is here
And here you can find some inspirational pictures of vegan alternatives of conventional food.  

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