Not even an offer of 100.000 CZK was an allure

We want to thank everybody for their reactions towards our offer for the Mr. Dalibor Žák, the author of an article which was published on Pro chlapa (for man) website. This article sums up the reasons why it is not good to become a vegetarian. We turned his statements about vegetarians being at the bottom of the food chain and being weak against him. And the majority found this reaction amusing and very funny.

It is interesting that the author himself did not find this amusing at all. It seems that making fun of someone else is the prerogative of writers for magazines and websites designated for real men - we really cannot aspire for being taken as such website or magazine.

We hope that this kind of public reaction, supported by so many public responses, will be a sort of a lesson. We also took this event with a lighter perspective and we amused ourselves really good after announcement of this offer. We thank Mr. Dalibor Žák for that. And it is a pity that he refused our offer, which was supported by the financial reward of 100.000 CZK. It could have been a perfect show and a lot of fun for every participant and for the audience as well.

Amusement is the main goal of Pro chlapa server as we found out. Dalibor Žák replied very soon that his whole article was just for fun, a joke. It would be good if “the Man of creation” (subtitle of the Pro chlapa website is – magazine for the man of creation) stood behind his jokes aimed against “weak, ill and unevolved” vegetarians. And it would be good if the author stood behind his words not only from behind the computer keyboard. But we cannot tell him what to do.

However, we would like to wish the author a lot of inspiration for his further texts and we thank him for the fun we had, even if it was in different form than he had imagined :)

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