Go vegan with CSA

 The Czech Airlines have probably been inspired by the effective video published by the PCRM  (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). This video supports veganism on boards of airplanes and gives original proposal on how to reduce weight on board. The CSA have started to offer complete vegan menu on short and middle range trips in economic class. If you travel with CSA, you can choose from salted or sweet snack, which does not contain anything from animals.

We wish you beautiful summer flights and we thank CSA for this, presumably unconscious, but still ethical act. 

If you travel with CSA, or any other company; we only remind that all international air companies offer several types of veg meals under these codes: VGML – vegan meal, AVML – so called Asian veg meal – mostly vegan, FPML – fruit, VLML – vegetarian lacto-fruit meal. 




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