Cruelty Free - except in the bedroom :) vegan sex shop

The fact that people on vegan and vegetarian diet have better sexual performance and experience is not only shown in last year's video from PETA but also by some scientific researches. 
That is why you could find the link for 100% vegan sex shop  very useful. Its assortment is also previewed by the motto: Cruelty Free - Except in the Bedroom
They offer, besides classic goods, also items which are normally made of animal leather and these can be really hard to get for vegans. We want also to advise about the feministic oriented book from Deborah Sundahl and other literature in the Books section. 
 Advertising materials are very funny - for example t-shirts and other items with the logo Cruelty free - except in the bedroom. And it is also motivating that part of the profit is handed to non-profit purposes, which you choose yourself. 
 We wish pleasant vegan experience :) 
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