Better chances for animals used in war

Interesting information went through the USA in the beginning of the year. President Obama signed new law which deals with animal testing for military purposes. 
 Although this area is not well known and not publicly presented, millions of animals die in cruel way every year. The purpose is in this case absurd to the maximum ñ new weapons are examined mostly on pigs and dogs. The effects and extents of damage and proceedings of wounds are tested, for example legs are amputated or shot off from goats or pigs. 
The new law orders that the animals have to be at least held in evidence and the tests have to be sustained. This was not obligatory due to exemptions which the military industry had and for example medicine industry does not. A date will also be set from which it will be obligatory to use alternatives to testing on animals. These exist in the present; however the army does not use them. We can only hope that other countries will join the USA and the advancement will be overall faster. 
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