A vegan professional boxer Timothy Bradley retained his WBO title

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, a vegan welterweight boxer Timothy Bradley who won over a phenomenal Filipino Manny Pacquiao, was confronted to a Mexican challenger and a former four-division world champion Manuel Marquez to retain his WBO title. Bradley got into the match as yet unbeaten boxer (he won all of his previous thirty matches) but Marquez had an enormous experience of more than double number of matches (55 won matches of 60 and 40 knockouts). One of Timothy Bradley´s advantages, he relied on, is also a vegan diet recently commented in an article for a website Boxingscene as follows: „I have a large amount of energy thanks to the vegan diet, so I even have a hard time sleeping and nothing is too hard or difficult for me,“ said Bradley, who doesn´t care about ethical veganism reasons in contrast to the other vegan athletes. He appreciates its positive effect on his physical efficiency in extreme athletic activity and clearly shows benefits of this lifestyle.

Bradley showed his great physical form even in the 12-round match when more experienced Marquez had the edge on him during the first half of the fight but Bradley seemed to control the action from the middle rounds on. Bradley won by split decision over Marquez and remains unbeaten boxer and world champion.

Here  you can read more information about the vegan diet effect regarding a performance. Bradley had an interesting statement: he recommends to all athletes to maintain the vegan diet because of an enormous energy increase - some czech nutritionists recommending to eat meat three times a day should follow it. 

Congratulations to Timothy for his excellent result.



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