100.000 CZK for author of article against vegetarianism

Although we do not usually react on more or less absurd articles about veganism and vegetarianism which are presented in the official media, we have decided to make an exception. We have given the author of such text an offer which cannot be refused. The website Pro chlapa – For man (with half-title “Magazine for the masters of the creation”, which was supposedly created for feminists who would enter this site by mistake) published an article called: 5 reasons for not being vegetarian.

The author, Mr. Dalibor Žák presented valuable reasons against vegetarianism, for which we are thankful and we are happy that he opened our blindfolded eyes. However, because of our dying brains (see reason number 1 – “Vegetarians´ brains fade out and vegetarians go nuts”) we were not able to absorb all gentle subtleties of his text. That is why we would like to get a bit more practical explanation and we would like to get a proof which will support his theory number 3 (“Vegetarians cannot bear higher physical effort and their bodies are generally weak”) and theory number 5  (“Vegetarians worsen their place in the food chain and will be swept by more powerful individuals”).

That is why we decided to give the author a possibility to show, as a real man for which he due to his profession considers to be that he stands behind his words. That is why we challenge him to step into the ring with one really weak vegan. Dalibor Žák as every real man pumped with testosterone can surely fight really well. The diet filled with steak surely helps him a lot and he can consider himself a true predator. And such proof of his supremacy over us, poor vegetarians and vegans will be a piece of cake for him. However to make him even more motivated (but still what can be a better motivation for a man than stands behind his words?) we decided to support the challenge financially as well. And the amount is attractive. If he can knockout, by the standards of K1 (united rules for all full contact sports) weak man who lives without animal proteins and guarantee of the Vegan-Fighter project, Jan Müller within 3 rounds, Mr. Žák will receive a 100.000 CZK reward.

But there is more: we offer Dalibor Žák a 10.000 CZK bonus if he can survive just 1 simple round (3 minutes) without being knocked out and being able to stand on his feet after a knockout by his physically devastated vegan opponent. Financial reward will than, surely, make him even more attractive for women (theory 2 “Because vegetarians are weak, they are not attractive, and it is proven that women prefer men who eat meat – these men are stronger on the outside.”)

We send an e-mail with this offer to the author of the article and to the publisher of Pro chlapa website, the Limemedia Company. We will inform about the outcome.

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